Thursday, September 6, 2012

You & Me Layout

You & Me Layout

 School is back in session that means I'm back at work full time after spending 3 months off for the summer. Love my summer breaks!!

This year there have been so many changes at work, new team members, new class schedule, shorter class periods, and combining English & Reading into one class = Lots of prep work for me. 

I also started gradate school 2 weeks ago. That means reading the text, peer reviews, journal articles,  and papers galore. This is my 3rd time starting graduate school and this time there's no turning back. 

All of this means that I'm super busy, a little overwhelmed, and utterly chasing my backside. I know that I'm well on my way to "figuring out" how to manage this new life that I've created for myself and my DH is certainly doing his part to help me out. 

But the other day everything seemed to come to a head and it left me a frustrated mess. No tears this time just utter anxiety about my growing to-do list, etc. 

My husband was trying his best to cheer me up but by that time I was just in a bad mood. Then he said, "Why don't you go into your office and get crafty?" Why that didn't occur to me, I have no idea but it was exactly what I needed, and this layout was the result. 

Now I'm not much of a scrapbooker but I had this photo on my desk and I just went with the flow. What I love about this layout is that it came out of an emotional space. I didn't think about it too much. I pulled out my Studio Calico August kit and just used what I had nearby. 

Peggy said it best in this post from last month, "Art Heals." It really does. It removed my crappy mood, it put things back into perspective, and I have a layout I love to remind me the next time I'm in a "bad mood" to appreciate the good things.

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  1. wow girl you are busy!!! and yes Art Does Heal! What do you mean you are not a scrapbooker-oh yes you are FABULOUS layout....hugs


  2. Angee this layout is stunning I just love it! You have such an awesome husband that he recognized what you needed. A little creative play will heal many things - and it gives your mind an opportunity to rest. Big hugs and things will slow down soon!


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