Monday, August 13, 2012

Art Heals

Yes this is so true when your faced with difficult times in your life ART can heal the pain, find relief from the heartache, give you a way to escape.
The past few weeks I haven't created anything which I was finding hard to accept (I had tons of art supplies, paper,inks-just nothing would come to me). Yesterday inspired by Stephanie Ackerman who creates the most beautiful artwork with hearts, a homespun feel. This little canvas came to life titled "In a storm BE brave". We all have little storms that creep upon us so I encourage you to look deep into your heart and create from within. This little canvas speaks deeply to me every time I gazed upon it.

Marion's Feb. digital design
glimmer mist, pearl mist, paint, inks, tissue tape, gel med.
stamps and alot of soul searching.

mixed media is freeing, give it a try
Peggy Lee


  1. WOWZEROOOOOONIE Peggster! this is outta this world A~MAZING!! can totally feel this altered piece!!

  2. Gorgeous Peggy and I so agree that Art heals.


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