Saturday, September 1, 2012

Cottage Chic Mini - Winner Is....

Before we announce the winner of the contest, the Artsy Addicts Admins would like to say that this contest was very difficult to judge.  Every submission had a unique view on the album, and elements that each of us LOVED!  It was very difficult for us to narrow this contest down to a single winner.

After hours of  deliberation, we decided that our winner of the Cottage Chic Mini Album Contest from Marion Smith Designs, A Piece of Craft, is  Kerry Duff, Duffer 9904.  

We all felt that  Kerry's deckle edges gave the book a sophisticated chic style that kept with the spirit of Marion's design concept, but offered a unique twist.  We also loved her idea of making the journal into a perpetual calendar. Both of these elements left us pondering - "hey, why didn't I think of that!"  Here is a view of Kerry's submission.

Kerry Duff - YouTube:  duffer9904

We also wanted to showcase the other contestants.  WOW - you ladies are all super talented, and your albums blew us away.  After watching these videos you will understand why this decision was so difficult. Marion has graciously offered a prize for each contestant. Someone will contact you.

Here were the other submissions:




Annie Vincent







Congratulations again to Kerry. 

Artsy Addicts Admins.


  1. I DID love hers so I'm so happy for her!! I know she'll do wonders with her new printer and I can't wait to see all she does with it! I loved her idea as well! Great job on choosing the winner!

  2. Congratulations to Kerry. Fabulous job. Thanks for putting the links up to all the videos, but mine is to someone elses. The correct link is

    Thanks Michelle @ The Paper Addiction

    1. Michelle - sorry about that I fixed the link so the video is correct now - I loved your little minis - thanks for participating.

    2. Thanks Tonya - I appreciate that. Loved participating and will definitely do it again. It is amazing how many you can make when you have a deadline!!

  3. Wow to all who did this challenge, the Artsy Addicts team was blown away by all the videos and talent everyone put into their books...Thanks to everyone, can't wait to see what you all do with the next book. Congrats to the winner Kerry!!!!

    Beautiful books, Peggy Lee

  4. Congratulations, Kerry!!!

    And I enjoyed all of your YouTube video's, contestants! It's such a lovely kit and I got inspiration from all of you!

    Unfortunately my CC journal isn't finished in time, but there's always next

    hugs from the Netherlands


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