Friday, September 21, 2012

Heritage Layout - Garment District

Garment District Printables from Marion Smith Designs have been at the top of my play list since I downloaded them. Last week,  I shared with you a little mini that I created using these papers. Today I want to share with you a layout I created using the scraps and left over designs that didn't make it to the mini.

I was digging in a box of stuff from my Grandmother's this past weekend, and I found this photo of a woman I believe to be my Great Great Aunt. There is very little information on the back of the photo; however, there is a note that says "Alice, here is the photo of Aunt Jessie's Sister" now I know that Jessie was my Great Grandmother's first name, so I figured out the relationship. I really wish I had a name of this beautiful woman, but that information was lost forever when my Grandmother and all her siblings passed away.  It is quite possible that she passed away at an early age, because my Mother wasn't sure who she was either.  

This brings me to the point of today's post.

When I create a layout - you rarely see my journaling and sometimes the title is subtle. But the 5w's [Who, What, When, Where and Why] are always addressed somewhere on the piece. I love to hide my journaling behind photos on pull out tags because I find it distracting on the layout.  If the design doesn't offer an appealing display of the journaling it is written on the back of the base page.

We often forget to do this because we know the person in the picture, or all of our current family members know the person. It is kind of one of those things that our mind tells us it isn't necessary because everyone knows the person. As time passes the information is lost much like it is with the subject of my layout share today.

While I know little about this woman, I know that Marion's collection fits the time period this photo was taken. It is probably safe to assume that she sewed since it was common in this era for women to make their own clothing.

I love how Marion's Garment district showcases this photo.  I used a lot of layers to frame the photo. This gives the photo more presence on the 12x12 layout.  Although I may not know the name of the woman in the photo, I was able to capture the information that I did know on the back of the layout.

Also note that this is not the original photo, I scanned and reprinted the photo used in the layout.

Thanks for stopping in today,

I hope you have a great weekend.

Tonya Gibbs


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