Monday, March 19, 2012

Just Be You

                                                  Has anyone just said "just be you"?
 I can honestly say that yes someone has said that to me at least once in my life. And I know I have said that many times to my daughters in the past few years, when they are little they are high on life, playing and just having fun. Then life seems to snap and boom they are teenagers and changing like the wind, right  before your eyes.
 Brings tears to my eyes to even type this post see here in this layout is my oldest daughter Olivia and she is graduated from school and will be leaving this fall for college. I was walking down memory lane and came upon this layout I created with Prima goodies. I so knew I wanted to share this with you.
Olivia is always snapping photos of herself (that's how the title came about) she always says just be you!!! They will either love you or hate you, who cares just be you and life will be OK. I love my girls so much so it's remembering the simple things that will get us mother's through life's journey.

                                     I just love these colors of the Prima flowers so soft and girly.

Just be you-in your creative journey!
Peggy Lee


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