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Famous Scrapbookers | How I found out about crafting.

Hi Artsy addicts.

Angela here with more of a discussion.

Famous Scrapbookers.

Are popular scrapbookers considered famous?

I remember not that long ago I didn't live in this world of crafting, and self expression. Well not in the sense that I no live. I didn't scrapbook, I didn't make cards, I didn't know what a Cricut, Silhouette, or a GrandeMark were. I had no idea what die cutting meant let along owned a die. I didn't know what a Copic Marker was. That was my reality.

I was a work-a-holic, then I heard about something where you can go online and watch videos made by normal-unfamous people. Seemed interesting enough.

Shortly after discovering youtube I discovered a world that I never knew existed; Papercrafts. Oh my word!! I say I discovered a world because it is absolutely an alternate world where people document life, preserve memories, tell stories in colorful and creative ways, and generally are more present in LIVING life instead of just simply LIVING. I was amazed.

My first crafting video was made by Kristina Werner, and I only found her because she posted a video about french manicures.

I watched her manicure video then went to her Youtube profile and saw that she made "other" videos about card making. And ever since I've been a crafter. Never really got into doing manicures though. Ha!

She was my first introduction to "Famous/Popular" Crafters.

After that I started to seek out other crafters for more inspiration and an overall desire to learn more about this new hobby of mine and that's where I came across videos by Marion Smith. Whoooo!!! The things she did with paper, glue, and glitter. Albums, Canvases, and Tags, Oh My!

Marion really opened up a new world for me in terms of products and people. Hello....Tim Holtz anyone.

And from there I devoured anything and everything online that I could find, and it lead me to all types of new inspirations from some amazing people:

And so many more. You should see my google reader.

All of these people I consider to be "Famous" Crafters. They are widely know in the crafting community and represent some of the largest manufacturers in the business. They also do a great job of promoting others in the community via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other forms of social media. They've introduced me to my favorite kit club, Studio Calico, my favorite stamps, PapertreyInk, my favorite ink, Hero Arts, and so much more. I'm sure I'm just hitting the tip of the iceberg in the world of crafts but I'm constantly looking for more. I think I can find more room in my google reader.

Between fashion blogs, make-up blogs, nail blogs, crafting blogs, style blogs, and home decor blogs, I have a grand 'ole time every morning clearing out my reader. Gets me inspired first thing in the morning and throughout the day. But I'm sure there are loads of other great artists who are popular to you that I may not know about.

Who are other "Famous/Popular" Crafters that you know and love? Who do you follow that you feel SHOULD BE popular and you want to promote them here.

Link them up in the comments to win a little gift pack from me.

Sweet Hugs,

Angela B. Carter (ABC)

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  1. Great post Angee I would like to give you a link to one of my FAVORITE NOn-Famous - CELEBS Jadedstudios. She may not be representing a company - but man I ask myself almost daily What would Jade do? Her style is inspiring with layers and layers. She truly has some of the "Best Scraps" in the universe cause her projects are layered 10 miles high with scrap die cuts and fussy cut motifs. I just love her, and would love to see her highlighted here.

  2. What a gread read Angee!!! It is great to hear how people got started and why the follow who they do. We have some favs alike!!! So love blogging and youtube-for inspiration.

  3. I really enjoyed this article. It truly made me think about the ladies that have inspired me, like Kathy Orta, lollyrot7, suziblutube, Belinda Akers, Charlie Jones, Crafty Kate Palmer, Marion Smith, Lindas work of heart & Linda Peterson. This of course is just a few, there are so many talented people. It would take all night to list them all. But it so good to be reminded of the beginning.

  4. great post.
    i have been truly inspired by zoo many ladies on YT and other online venues.
    Jade (Jadedstudios), Marion Smith, Tonya (Psychomoms) to name a few off the top of my head.
    I'm inspired by zoo many, but id say those 3 are the tops for me :)


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