Friday, March 30, 2012

Tonic Studios Punches

Tonic Studios makes some of my favorite tools, they are so durable, and easy to use. I was super excited to see that they are now in the border punch business.

The punches are made with metal gears and cut through thicker materials like butter. I successfully cut thin chipboard, thick cardstock, and thin copy paper. Here is a video of me using the punches so that you can see for yourself.

After making the video I have been asked, could you use this as a corner punch since it only has 1 bunch. The Answer is Yes, but only if you are careful, since corner guides are not included on the punch, making sure your corners are lined up on all sides can become tricky.

Thanks for stopping in today,

Tonya Gibbs


  1. Love, love, love tonic punches. Work beautifully every time! Thanks Tonya!

  2. these look cool. I'm gonna have to try them

  3. nice opinion.. thanks for sharing...


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