Saturday, March 1, 2014

Featured Artist Pepi Valderrama

My name is Pepi and I love mixed media art. I started drawing when I was in high school, but I stopped in Uni. Then I took it again while living in Japan. Since living in Japan my style and the color palette I usually use has changed considerably. I got lots of influences from the Japanese culture as well from northern European countries. I also write, create decks and amigurumi (crochetted puppets). I guess that one of the reasons to become crafty has been the will to create cute things. In Japan I was in contact with very talented people who created really cute stuff (drawings, puppets, great art, etc). Since my hands cannot really be still, it was just a matter of discovering which was my favorite medium. And I found it, mixed media. I can mix anything and everything! And it makes me feel free and complete. I just love it!

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tv channel: (here I upload a video with a whimsy each week)

I like to create whimsies: little funny dolls with big eyes and tiny bodies. This time I created a white bunny whimsy Alice. One of my favorite tales is Alice in Wonderland. I have created a Lenormand deck just for Alice, and today I decided to turn her into a funny white bunny. One of the symbols for March are bunnies! And since they also welcome Spring, I thought it would be awesome if we followed a cute white bunny. Are you up for it?

To create your own Whimsy Alice you need the following:
  • Caran d'Ache Watersoluble Neocolors II. You can use the colors you like the most. I used skin color, salmon, orange, raspberry red, light blue, turquoise blue, and turquoise.
  • Acrylics: snow white
  • Faber Castell: black B pen.
  • Scrapbooking paper
  • White glue
  • Stencils
  • Dylusions Spray Ink: dirty martiny (green)
  • Sakura Stamp
  • Versa Magic, cloud white (chalk ink pad)
  • Cretacolor monolith 9B pencil
  • Pilot parallel pens: 2.4mm and 3.8mm
  • Brushes of different sizes (0, 4, 6) to paint the different parts in the drawing.
You don't need to use exactly the same things that I used. You can change them for different art supplies that you love. I highly recommend you to use Pilot parallel pens for the writing. They are awesome and fun to use. (But, again, you don't really need to if you don't want to).

 Whimsies have big heads, big eyes, tiny fatty bodies and funny poses. You can create your whimsies with different attributes, but in general, features are exaggerated. They are meant to be fun and appealing for children. They awaken the inner child in adults, while make children giggle. They live in a dreamworld of colors and bizarre objects. This time, the target is to draw a bunny Alice in Dreamland.


Drawing whimsies also helps you to recover your inner child. If you create your art, or your crafty items while listening to cute or relaxing music, your artwork becomes astounding. Let your hand be guided by your heart when choosing the colors you like the most for your artwork. I tend to use bright colors more than darker ones. There are no mistakes, really. Whimsies are fun and easy to make. In the whimsy world everything is whimsical. Let yourself be guided and you'll find the mojo to create awesome art.

You can use the whimsies to create personalized postcards for your friends, or create wonderful little presents with paper. Awesome for birthdays and ATC swaps, or funny when found in your art journal. 
Thanks for stopping in today!
Pepi Valderrama

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  1. Pepi Valderrama this is awesome, thank you so much for walking us through your process. I love your little alice


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