Monday, June 11, 2012

What sparks my "CREATIVITY".

 Today I want to share what moves me to be "creative". It's the simple things that surround me everyday, or catches my eye for a quick moment. Nature is one of my good olde source of inspiration and beauty, while visiting my mom up in Northern Maine a few summers back. I grabbed my camera to explore the gardens, take a walk back on memory lane. Love this old tracker and yes I use to drive this beauty and I spent hours pretending I was the farmer harvesting the fields.
First what draws me is the memory, but just look at all that weathered marks the faded red paint, the rusted elements (like the chains around the tires-rusted). "it starts the spark within me"
Taking a photo of a burnt red/yellow sunflower being kissed by a bee takes my breath away. That little guy didn't care one bit about me being so close admiring his little job of collecting nectar. Instant inspiration while typing this post, this photo of the sunflower has sparked my creativity for a canvas piece...

Loved by the elements is this dried up sunflower that will be winter food for the birds.
 Backyards can be a wonderful place to draw from, here are some trees in my yard.
The beautiful mushrooms I believe are growing on tree barks, just look at all that texture and depths of color.  Call me crazy but the thing that thrills me the most in all these photos and in life are "weathered worn-natural distressed-feel and look.  
 The freak moments that cause me to starch my head and say I wonder how that grew on there, where did that come from....nature is full of inspiration. I encourage you to grab your camera and explore your
backyards, parks and even your towns (most towns have railroad tracks or olde forgotten barns).

I love the little flowers (or weeds) that have attached themselves to the old tree that lives at the edge of my flower garden.
Look at the tree bark all that texture and color. My mind is exploding with possibilities to make art.
What moves you?
What touches your heart?
What takes your breath away?
What speaks to you?
Create from it!

And here it is my creative piece that was inspired by the photos. I even love the stone steps that I took the photo on, do you see the leaf that is placed at the top of the photo totally by accident-laid where it fell-a thing of beauty.

"sometimes it's the simple things"
Peggy Lee

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  1. Aren't the old tractors cool to drive we have a fleet of the old Gold-M-M tractors but we own one of the farmalls too. Nice post and thanks to show us other places to look for inspiration


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