Friday, June 1, 2012

Art Journal Share

The Artsy Addicts Facebook page has been filled with mixed media and art journal projects for the past few weeks. I just love seeing the things that are being created.

Art journals are nice because they provide you with a creative outlet with no agenda. It is a place to play with techniques or mediums.  No rhyme, reason, or objective - JUST CREATIVE PLAY. It is nice  to  have a space to sit and play.

Today, I was inspired to share with you my favorite pages in my art journal. This page was a collage of things that were on my desk. LOTS of scraps, things I fussy cut, and never used.

This is a closer look at the top.  The paper on this page is my favorite Prima paper of all time - Flights of Fancy.  All I had left of it were the tiny scraps, so I decided to use them as my base.

Here is a glimpse at the bottom of the page...

Unintentional at the time, but I decided to write down all the things that I love. Like Fried Chicken, Butterflies, TH Film strip - I hope he never stops making this, Clocks,  Keys, and vintage images. Then as I began doodling I started writing in things that came to mind - like Psalms 23, I shall never fear, I'm alive, and Time is now to give thanks. There are so many textures, colors and elements to this page, I can literally sit and stare at it for hours.

This is a much simpler layout but just loved the theme.  "You & Me" was inspired by the Daisy rhyme "He Loves Me - He Loves Me Not".

I used the stem of the daisy as a time line - and the broken petals represent the loves me loves me not game that young girls often play when they grab a daisy.  Daisies are one of my all time favorite flowers.  I just love them, they always looks so fresh. 

Keep sharing your art journal pages, I love seeing the creative play.

Thanks for stopping in today,

Tonya Gibbs


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