Saturday, March 2, 2013

Guest Blogger Barbara Martineau

Hello you wonderfully, talented, crafty people! My name is Barbara Martineau and I want to thank you for welcoming me into your world! Please allow me to tell you a little bit about myself. I am a stay at home wifey of 10 years to my husband/best friend Dan, we have four energetic, zany yet inspiring children. I am a newbie at crafting and scrapbooking, but have always loved to draw and doodle. As a young girl I used to spend my days trying to draw all kinds of cartoon characters, especially She-Ra (that's right, the princess warrior). It was about three years ago when I stumbled upon crafting...I fell in love with all of those altered and mixed media projects I had seen on YouTube. I was introduced to Artsy Addicts because a wonderful friend, Ms. Terrie Surface aka oneCraftycookie, grabbed me (virtually) and brought me into this wonderful group! So here I am!

I love to alter things, especially cardboard and Styrofoam. My husband brings me all kinds of used packaging goodies (with his companies permission) for me to play with. One day he brought me a piece of Styrofoam packaging and I immediately saw a carousel! Here was my first one (I made it for my daughter):


I absolutely fell in love with I decided to make a "Parisian" themed one:

Then I wanted to try something different, so I made one out of a cardboard tube hubby brought home for me:

And here is my latest "Spring Time" carousel:

So...that is pretty much "me" in a nutshell. I want to thank the awesome crew here at Artsy Addicts for allowing me to share myself with you all! If you are interested in seeing any more of my creations, you can check them out at the links provided :)

Have fun creating!


  1. Wowoozer!!! That is amazing and soooo beautiful...welcome and thanks for sharing with us your creative spirit....these are sooo cool..
    hugs, Peggy Lee

  2. YAY Barbie you know I love everything you make girl beautiful congrats you lil guest designer you lol love ya lots hugs Terrie

  3. Wow,Barbara!! LOVE all of your carousels!! They all are so PRETTY!!! I knew I loved your creative sprit rigth away!!! Thanks for sharring your creative world with us!!!!

  4. holy moly Barbara, they are al super gorgeous. i love the spring one so much. so amazing girl. Hugs

  5. Barbara these are so gorgeous. I love all the little details. So creative.

  6. This is so exciting for me to see, as the artist who creates the carousel horses for Whimsy! I have envisioned customers doing this very thing, creating carousels with my ponies. Yours go above and beyond my expectations. How clever of you to re-use these styrofoam packaging pieces and the cardboard too. It is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing your wonderful creations!

  7. I want to thank everyone who stopped by to view this post! I am so touched by you sweet ladies who left comments...brings tears to my eyes, seriously!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


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