Saturday, May 19, 2012

Prim Rose Journal

This week I decided to play around with the latest digi journal from Marion Smith Designs.  This little Prim Rose Journal is so cute it measures 4x6 completed.  I combined this Journal with the Journey kit to create my extra signature pages.  The two kits work so well together.

I printed my covers on grunge paper and they have a really nice suede feel to them.  They were mounted onto black chipboard for additional stability.  Then I decorated the cover with a Tim Holtz key hole, and one of Marion's Vintage trinkets.

Here is a step by step video of the completed book.

Thanks for stopping in today,

Tonya Gibbs



  1. Tonay girl you rocked this Primrose love the grunge paper...and your stamping...hugs

  2. Wow! Peggy! Great work as usual. Thanks for the tips on how you made all those pockets. I'm gonna have to use those on my next one because I am definetly making another! I am in love with the fence stamp you got from Lynn, PLease share who puts that one out so I can get it for my collection. Again, I love all the pockets and stamping and how you combined the journey book. Thanks for sharing!

  3. tonya you hit it out of the ball park on this one. I just love it. I made one too. But my book doesn't look near as nice as yours. I'm going to go back and stamp on my pages and add distress in to all the pages. I might make a second one and start over. 

  4. Peggy didn't do this (lol), but thank you. The fence stamp is from

  5. Thanks, I bet your book is awesome too.  The nice thing about digital is you can reproduce it over and over again.  T

  6. hahahahah Jordanna wish I could take credit for this beautiful book, tonya is awesome,,,,I know she got a kick out of you all

  7. love tonya's idea for stamping on the pages....whoooo love these digital pages

  8. Tonya this turned out so cool. I look so forward to the work you do it always turns out pretty cool! I got to get mine printed out and put together I think it would me a nice monthly book for one of the months this year. I also like how you added more pages to it and the extra elements


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