Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Featured Artist | Sharalee Lee

Hi, I’m Sharalee Lee.


I am an equal opportunity crafter, voracious reader, love nature, cooking, baking, and garden as much as I have time for and basically keep my munchkins life as normal as possible through our ever changing lives.  Routine, even the mundane ones, are what keep the kids from freaking out every time Daddy has to leave, either for the day, a week or the year.  I try to keep them as involved in everything that I can as much as possible and have found that crafting is a great way to interact with them but at the same time give them enough space to be themselves.  Military life can be crazy hectic but it’s the little things like family, friends and being creative that make everything easier to deal with. 


I stumbled across Artsy Addicts one day while I was watching various craft videos on YouTube.  One such video was of Marion Smith demonstrating something, I do not even recall what now, but she mentioned her new Facebook page and of course I was instantly interested in a group of craft minded individuals sharing ideas, products, and projects.  What better way to get inspired than by other inspiring crafty folks.


I find inspiration in all sorts of things.


Some of my favorite projects are my least likely ones, like my gel pen drawing of a lone tree that I did years ago while in high school, or my Raggedy Ann cover on my sewing machine, and the family stockings that I crocheted.  Those took a while because I had to create a pattern from scratch because at the time there were no similar ones crocheted like them.  I also have a paper bird house I made that I really love and haven’t as yet gotten around to creating any more but I do want and plan to. 


I am really loving my latest project.  I am creating another album using cereal boxes.  I recycled two cereal boxes to create the cover…honestly, making album covers is my favorite use of cereal boxes yet.  J  I don’t generally keep my scrapbook projects unless they are 12x12 pages, they almost always get gifted and a few I have even sold, but this latest album may actually prove to be difficult to part with.  I am not sure if it’s the paper I am so in love with or the style of album itself but I figure I can just recreate the style of album in a different paper and find out right? J


There is just something about creating from scratch, whether it be sewing, crochet, scrapbooking, paper crafting, woodworking, random DIY projects, baking, cooking or gardening, if I can make something from practically nothing or reinvent something I am quite happy doing it. 


It does help though that my amazing husband is so happily supportive of the things I choose to do.  *Big Cheesy Grin*


To see some of my creations in more detail or just good old curiosity bites, you can go to my blog http://uniqueleeme.blogspot.com/ .  I try to post at least once a month and occasionally run into some time where I can actually do more but no worries when I get the time I will post more in-depth photos of my latest album and some basic info on how I did it. 


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