Thursday, May 10, 2012

My Scrap Space | The After...

I'm going to let you all in on a little secret....I'm a messy crafter. I rarely clean my scrap table. I just can never seem to get it nice and neat so I just leave it. Don't believe me...

Here it is..My messy craft table.

This table was a great find at my local big lots. It was designed to be a bar height dining table but it makes the perfect scrapbook table. It gives me lots of space to spread out and work on multiple projects at once....or just push one project to the side and start working on another one.

In the top left of the picture you can see all my white cubes that I so love. I found these with the drawers recently at Michaels and they are fabulous. I love catching those on sale.

I created 3 projects before snapping this picture so this is the aftermath of a layout, a card, and an altered project.

The one thing I really love about my messy desk is all the color inspiration I get from it. I sometimes will take a picture of my messy desk and look at it for color inspiration. What colors are side by side or on top if each other that I would never normally put there. It always works me out of a creative block.

Link me up to a picture of your scrap desk. I'd love to see how you all work.

Want to see the outcome of all this mess....Click here.

We have another Artsy Addicts featured artist on Saturday.

Sweet hugs.


  1. Oh I think any crafter can relate to this! Mine isn't so much the table (I try to keep a portion of it cleaned off) but my floor. I'm a visual crafter so I got piles of paper all over the floor plus boxes of items that haven't found a home yet from when I try to organize in Jan. 

  2.  I'm hoping to have more floor space in our new apartment. We're moving in about 4 months and I'm dreading have to pack up all my crafty stuff and move it to a new place. The good part is that I get to organize it all.

  3. Looks like Hurricane Angee is related to Hurricane Tonya.  My space always looks like a disaster area. I clean it up, but then drag every single thing out until I literally have a 4 inch space to work in. TFS

  4. fabulous and just how a crafty arty desk should be.
    Hugs June x


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