Saturday, May 5, 2012

AA Featured Artist | Carrie Taylor

Hi my name is Carrie Taylor.

I have been scrapbooking for about 8 yrs now and i fell in love with it the moment I started. My sister tried talking me into starting this hobby for almost a yr, finally i bit and gave it a try and i was hooked instantly. I love to learn and there are so many talented people in this craft, i just soak it all up.

I am addicted to youtube for inspiration and it amazes me everyday of the talent that is in the world. About two weeks ago i was talking with my best friend and she told me about Christy Tomlinson videos on youtube and how she would love to try mixed media. It was really funny because i was watching other mixed media videos at the same time. We both got the mixed media bug at the same moment. I watched christy Tomlinsons video on scarlet lime and immediately i had to try. I am hooked. i love having paint all over my hands and shirt and sometimes it hits my face. Makes me so happy it seems to bring out the kid joy in me. I am forever going to keep learning about art, i wanna know all there is to know and try all that there is to try...

For this piece here i was inspired from Christy Tomlinson SHE ART.. I was so nervous to try and cut out a girl but it really is true, it does not need to b perfect and it seems to work out.. I used Prima Madeline papers for this, acrylic paints from the dollar store, modge podge in matte, i used UNITY Stamps designed by ANGIE BLOOM which i love. they are perfect for she art. i just used background stamps on this as well and odds and ends to give texture from my house. I used a stensil for the triangles on here with gesso and tan colored paint to give more texture to the canvas, which is a 12x16. I want to thank Angee for giving me this opportunity for being a guest on the artsy attic blog.





  1. Rock on with your bad self Carrie!!! Your work is amazing and deserved to forever be shown!!!!!!

  2. Whoo hoo Carrie! She's one of the most sweet and talented artist I know. Big hugs and congrats on your feature.

  3. Carrie this is fab.  I love all the textures fab job!  I know the She Art is all the craz right now, and you have truly mastered it. Thanks for sharing your work on the blog, and thanks for always being such an inspiration to the AA members.


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