Monday, April 29, 2013

The Girls

These are my girls!

I would like to take some time today to formally introduce you to the three people who really make Artsy Addicts run so smoothly! I thought I would give you all some insight at what these girls do every day for our awesome facebook group and blog!

First up is Angela Butler-Carter

I have known Angela since my first son Blake was about 5 months old! He's now six...omg he's going to be six! An-G has been such an awesome loyal friend for so long! She amazes me with every blog post because she is always on top of everything and her posts are impecable! (Did I spell that right An-G?) Anyway An-G is our facebook and blog manager, anything that has to do with the facebook or blog you can bet she's touched it in some way! She also manages the Artsy Addicts email, so you can blame her if you don't get a reply lol! Totally kidding! I know for a fact she probably checks all of our spelling and grammar, after all she is a school teacher! An-G also helps me on the back end to come up with creative new challenges and promotions. We also like to call her big boss, because she's very good at keeping us all in line! Thank you An-G you are so important to Artsy Addicts!

Tonya Gibbs!

Oh boy if I had known what I was getting into bringing this women on I would have.......ha jk! Tonya has so much darn energy it's scary sometimes! Tonya manages our Artsy Addicts facebook content and she also helps recruit guest bloggers for our blog. She has a great eye for talent and she's oober fun to be around! She's kind of the Mom of the group! Tonya also helps with our social media sites. Tonya shares a lot of techniques with all of us and is truly an amazing artist! Thank you Tonya!

Peggy Lee Baker

Now I wish with a last name like that, that it meant she bakes and sends us lots of goodies but we aren't that lucky! However I have known Peggy a long time as well and she is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. Peggy is sort of our quality control manager on the blog and facebook, consider her the sheriff! She makes sure our facebook group and blog are spam free! Peggy also helps me with content publishing, she will re-publish my announcements and updates for me and she's so quick that you can bet anything I post is re-posted to another social media outlet in .20 seconds and 99% of the time I don't even ask her to do it! Thank you Peggy!

Angela, Tonya, and Peggy have become such a big help with my new journey with Canvas Corp, Tattered Angels, and 7gypsies as they have been creating like crazy for our blogs and facebook pages, make sure to check out their features and leave them a comment showing your support! I see such a bright future for these ladies and will support them in all their endeavors!

These three women are the gears and sprockets of Artsy Addicts, we simply cannot operate without them! Please leave a comment and show our team some love for all that they do but most importantly for bringing all of our creative minds together each day!

Love you girls!

Marion Smith

Ooops! I forgot about Garett Smith!

Garett is the goober of the group lol! He keeps us laughing and also helps keep the estrogen levels at a safe level lol! Garett manages customer service and makes sure our girls here get the products they need for promotion. He is my right hand, but most of the time we just laugh at him! He's also our eye candy! (Well mine anyway!)


An-G HACK!!! An-G HACK!! Marion, I'm hacking your post because I can do that.......Ha!!

Of course in true Marion fashion she forgot to mention herself.

This is our fearless leader. She inspires us every single day and is one of the nicest and most genuine people you will ever meet. She's simply beautiful from the inside out and it shows in her wonderful art. Marion encourages us to be our best self, to be authentic in our art and lives, and to be fearless in our creativity.

Marion is a mother of three, runs an art studio, teaches all over the world, and is a loving wife to her hottie husband Garrett. Marion has taught me so much about eating healthy and natural and she even turned my hate for glitter into an obsession. I'm still not a fan of the messiness of it but oh I love a glittered accent.

Leave a comment below telling us how you've been inspired by the blog and/or by Marion. 

End of my HACK!! And I won't do it again.....unless necessary. lol.


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  2. Replies
    1. You like my 7Gyspie Stash??? HAA it was a fun time, and truly shows my clown side!

  3. Omw I love Tonya's pic!!! And thanks Marion and Garett for all you do for us on this team. I am so blessed to be here and create with these fabulous sista's!!-and Garett!!!!
    Before this team I fell creatively in love with Marion's style and kind hearted love she has for her family....I have learned so much by watching her youtube and ustreams shows...She is always inspiring us to reach outside our creative box...and she is so supportive, thanks beyond words....(maybe a little box of baked goods will be coming your ways)....oh yes I BAKE TOOOO,,,hahaha

  4. Marion, thank you so much for your continued support and encouragement. When I started following you all those years ago, I had no idea today you would be such a close friend. It has been so much fun watching you grow as a designer. You have influenced me in so many ways. Love ya!

  5. You are one fantastic tem girls! Any open position there?


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