Thursday, August 2, 2012

Save The Scrap! Card | Warmest Thoughts + Giveaway

Good Morning all.

I'm so loving this Save The Scrap! feature. It's alot of fun and so rewarding being able to use up all my wonderful leftovers. And being the foodie that I am leftovers is never a bad sign in my book.

Today I'm sharing another card that includes a little bit of packaging. Can anyone identify the packaging in these pictures? I have a duplicate My Mind's Eye stamp set to giveaway if you can guess correctly. (Does anyone else ever order duplicates by mystake? I don't do this often but from time to time it happens.)

Anyone else want to participate in our Save the Scrap! feature? Should I add a linky so we can all share?
Let me know in the comments if you want to participate.

Ok, now on to the pictures.


Did you see the packaging? Maybe a close-up will help...


Just one more for good luck.



  1. I LOVE Your card - It is so beautiful. I love using my scraps to make cards. I make cards after every single major project. Your right it is so rewarding. Good luck to your winner (I know the packaging) but I'm gonna take a bet that I too have the stamp set and let someone else win. Thanks for the option for a giveaway it was very generous. LOVE LOVE LOVE this card!

    1. Thank you Tonya. I started out as a card maker so when I transitioned into scrapbooking I was overwhelmed by the 12X12 size (still have never tried 8.5X11).

  2. Sweet card! Love that you used scraps for it, it turned out so well.


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