Thursday, January 12, 2012

How to recover a deleted blogger blog post.

So.......I'm a bit of a clutz. This is Angee of course and I almost always trip up the stairs. And just for reference I live on the 3rd floor in my apartment building and I work on the second floor of my I see lots of stairs on a daily basis. (Restated for emphasis) I almost always trip up the stairs.

I totally got was about to get off topic.

Well, I accidentally deleted one of my blog posts from the blog. Which blog post? This one! And if you just clicked on the link you will see that the post is perfectly intact now but just yesterday I'd deleted it. Why did I delete it? Because I'm a klutz Well....because I was trying to blog from my phone and i accidentally hit the delete button. Genius...I know!

Well, usually that would get me all up in a tizzy but something said, "Google it!"

And I did.

And you know what......You can recover blog post that have accidentally been deleted. Yippie!

There are a couple of different ways that you can do this. The say I'm going to outline below allows you to restore the blog post back to the way it was along with the permalink and comments. Total score...right?!

Here's how. All credit to this lovely website where I originally found the info. I had to tweak a few things because I'm on a MAC so I'm giving the MAC version below. For the PC version the link above should work just fine.

Step 1. You want to search for your particular blog post using very specific keywords. For example, the blog title (if you can remember it). And it was recommended that you use this particular handle - site: so that google (or your search engine of choice) will only search your blog/website.

Here's my search for my Heaven's to Betsy card that I posted.

The first search result was exactly what I needed. Good keywords save loads of time. Or not accidentally deleting blog posts will do the same. :-D

Step 2. Next you want to view the Cached version of your blog post. Cache is basically a copy that google keeps of your blog. It took me a minute to figure this out since the example front the website I googled has screenshots from an older version of Google.
So if you hover over the link you will see two grey arrows pointing to the right.  Hover over the arrows and you will see your cached blog post mock up pop up. There you will find the Cached link. Click this link.

Step 3. After that, for MAC users, go up to the menu bar and click on View Source (Cmd + U, didn't work for me). You will get a text box that pops up showing the original HTML code for your blog post.

Here is what my screen looked like after I clicked View Source.

Step 4: After your text box appears you want to use keyboard shortcut CMD + F to open the find option and search for postID.

There (underlined in purple) is our post id number that we need.

Step 5: Now we need to go into our blogger dashboard and click edit on an already published blog post.

Did I forget to keep numbering? Oops.
Umm. Let's get back on track!

Step 6. Next you want to replace the current blog posts id with the recovered post id that we just found in step 5, well the step before 6. You know what i mean. (by the time you read this I will have renumbered the posts. Sigh. He he)

Make sure you are changing the post ID and not the blog ID. I don't know what would happen if you did but I can imagine it won't be good...

Step 7: After you've changed the post id press enter and you will see the editor will populate the recovered post into the post editor and you can then publish the post. Sorry I don't have a screen shot of this part because I'd already restored my post before I wrote this. Trust me it works.

A good thing about this method is that it will post it right back in the original spot, date and time, where the post was before. Score, again!

Hope this helps. You never know what you will learn until you try, fail, and try again. Success is just around the corner.

Sweet hugs, my friends.



  1. wow I accidently deleted my whole blog back in 2006 and lost everything and couldn't use my same name again...oh man wish this would have been around back then. awesome tips thanks for sharing.

  2. YOU are the most awesome person on the planet at this moment! POST RECOVERED!!

  3. I can get the post to show up but I get an error message saying that it is unable to process my request, I am so upset,to have gotten as far as seeing my post, and then can't get it to post!!!!!


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