Saturday, February 15, 2014

Feautured Artist: Rochelle ~ Madame Ro

Hola! Artsy Addict Divas… 
I am super excited and over the moon about being asked to be a featured guest on this blog. If you could see through your computer screen right now you would see me doing my happy girl Thank you ladies so much for allowing me this great opportunity, I am very appreciative!

Well if you are wondering who I am my name is Rochelle, but I have another person that lives in my head and she goes by the name of Madame Ro - my creative alter ego. By day, I live as Rochelle who is an eccentric, down to earth, photographer/graphic designer & single mother of a beautiful one-year-old son- Cameron Jordan.  Rochelle is the more responsible, level-headed, and organized one.  By night, after the bambino takes his trip to la la land, Madame Ro comes out and wrecks creative havoc and causes colorful mischief in her art lab. Madame Ro is the more fun, edgy, adventurous, and creatively crazy one who loves to push creative limits. She is definitely not afraid of color, she loves dimensional art. She is not one to be confined to a boring box. Why play in the sandbox when you can have the world as your playground.
My "Right Brain" at work
I am an artist. I was born an artist. I live, eat and breathe art. Heck! When I go to bed I even dream artistically.  That's how passionate I am about this field. I feel that art is who I am, not just what I do. I am most definitely a dreamer. I feel that dreaming is a big part of how my art is created. My creations start in my dreams, when all the pieces of the dream come together then I am able to manifest it onto the canvas (or whatever medium I'm working on at the time).  And in case you were wondering YES! I dream in vivid, saturated colors! (wink)
Ever since I could remember I have always loved to create. I started out coloring, and then that led to drawing/painting, which then led to designing (graphic and photography) which in turn led me to where I am today, mixed media. Although I love dabbling into many facets of the arts. I'd have to say mixed media is my obsession.
I started crafting/mixed media not too long ago, September 2012. I got my start by creating cards and as my passion for learning, and my urge to create amazing art grew, so did the depths of my projects. I went from creating cards to altering gumball machines.
If I had to pick a favorite on the crafting side it would be altering. I love altering items. I think it's amazing to start off with one thing and turn it into something totally different. I've recently got into mixed media and now I'm hooked. I am a mixed media junkie.  I enjoy playing around with different textures and mediums and learning new techniques. The best part of mixed media is getting dirty... I love it!
I have a secret love affair with Marion Smith's designs - she had me at "Romance Novel". After doing some browsing around to learn more about Marion Smith I found the Artsy Addicts Facebook Group and had a total EYEgasm looking at all the wonderful inspiration that all the crafty artists share in this group. AMAZING!
Okay so now that I've have written my own novel on this… I will shut up now and share with you some of my creations.  The following are a few projects in a series that I’m doing called "Graffiti Chic" you all are getting the first look. I am also sharing a few old projects. #HappyViewing
AfroDisiac. This is a painting I created as part of an obsession I have with big afro' I'm also doing a series called Naturalista it will feature different paintings of ladies with afro textured hair.

This part of my Graffiti Chic series
 This is an Asian Inspired project called "The Pursuit of Happiness" and the quote says
"Some pursue happiness, others create it". 
This is another Asian Inspired project called "The Journey" and I used an Chinese Proverb as the quote. It reads " The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step". Also a part of my Graffiti Chic series
Confidence. The quote reads: " believing in yourself when no one else does". As an artist my goal is to inspire, uplift and create something that could change someone's life, or at least brighten their day.
Love is All You Need. My graffiti chic series is a mix of vibrant colors, lots of texture, with an urban "street" vibe.
Here are a few more paintings and craft projects I've created.
Thank you so much for sharing a moment of your time with me today. If you are interested in stalking me (wink) here are my details:

YouTube: (I do tutorials)
Google +:
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Madame Ro


  1. Your work is incredible already subbed to your Utube cant wait to watch your tutorials.

    1. Thank you so much. Glad to have you as a new subbie :)

  2. wow your artwork is amazing, thanks for blogging with us...:)

  3. Your work is so inspiring thanks congrats on being featured especially love you graffiti piece

    1. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Thanks for your compliment :)

  4. Love, love, love it! So bold and daring and provocative and...sharing! You have opened my eyes to a brand new way of art!!! Love u, sis!

  5. Awesome Ro! I love this feature You ROCK my lady!

  6. Sister, you are so very blessed with a creative soul, God has really touched you. the work you create is beyond amazing and leaves me speechless, each time I see something from you! I pray you continue to inspire us all with your talent and always keep the fire lit inside you! :)

  7. This is a great collection of Diva Art I have ever seen. You did a great job.. Keep up the good work. Love your Dad.


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