Friday, January 3, 2014

December Daily Days 24 - 31 by Tonya Gibbs

Happy New Year everyone, I hope you had a Merry Christmas!   I'm so excited that I finished my December Daily Journal, and can share with you the completed project today.  

Day 24
I spent the day with my Niece Amber and then had dinner with my In laws

Day 25 - Christmas Day.  
Prompt 1:  Focus on that 1 special gift that was given that day, and tell the story.    Christmas day there are so many photos taken that it can be overwhelming to include them all.  So I focused on 1 special gift that was given by my Son to his Father.   I told the story on the tag and slipped it behind the photos. 

Days 26 - 27   We went to the Smoky Mountains on vacation, so I decided to simply add photos.  To keep the clutter down, I did a cluster of my favs on 1 4x6 for each day, and slipped them into a photo sleeve.    The story is told on the tag that is slipped between the two photos.

Note:   I had some people ask how I make my photo grids on my 4x6 prints.  There are several ways to do it, this was done in Photoshop where each photo is its own layer and sized to the correct grid size. If you are using photos from your phone you can use an app called Photo Grid then send then print you photo.  You can also use collage print from a lot of online photo services, chose the 4x6 paper size and the photos you want on that photo and the service will arrange them for you.

Day 28 -  Road trip home.  I had to document my lunch this day.

Day 29 -  Puppy and I hung out and did laundry.  Just not a very exciting day!

Day 30   I spent the day with my Mom and my Sister.   We had a great time shopping, and then Mom decided to eat this huge thing of cotton candy by herself.  Well, I thought it would make the perfect photo for the day!  

Day 31 -  the final day of the year.  Well, again, I did nothing really.  I wanted to spend time with Ginger and try and get her crate trained.  Then,  later that evening, I Skyped with my friend Annmarie to finish up my December Daily

Back Cover -   I decided to give a "year in review of 2013" on my back cover.  I used one of the journal pages in the collection and wrote down all my blessings from 2013.  I think it is a good way to document the year and say hello to the new year.  Next year it will be fun to look back and see the growth in our family. 

Here is a video walk through of my journal

Happy New Year everyone.  I hope you had a fun following along with me on this December Daily journey. I've enjoyed seeing the pages that some of you have created. 

If you missed the other days, please visit the links below.


Happy New Year,

Tonya A. Gibbs

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