Friday, December 6, 2013

December Daily Days 1 - 5 by Tonya Gibbs

Our December Daily journey continues today with Days 1 - 5.

Each week I plan to share with you my progress. Hopefully this will encourage you to work along with me, and give you some ideas for your own journals.  I'm documenting my journey, here, and on YouTube.  For your convenience I've created a Playlist on YouTube with tutorials and project shares  that may help kick start your own Daily Journals. 

Honestly, the biggest reason I never seem to finish my DD is because I get too busy, and there are just days when I simply don't have a thing in the world to write about. My life is just not that interesting (LOL).   I can't be alone!  So my solution to the problem is to provide you with a few prompts each week for those uneventful days.

This week's prompts.  

1. Focus on a Community Iconic Decoration.
We often take for granted those houses that go OVER the top decorating, or perhaps a small thing that happens every year that we take for granted.  Like my post on Day 5. 

2.  Highlight a current event.  

This week Nelson Mandela died and it got me thinking that a few years from now, it might be nice to have some "current events" documented in our dailies. Not necessarily bad news, but maybe something that will jar your memory as being significant. 

3.  Document a loved one. 

Focus on someone you rarely feature in your scrapbooking projects.  I often see people documenting their kids and husband, but rarely their own parents, aunts, uncles, or cousins. Take this opportunity to show their influence in your own life.  Like I did in Day 1 & Day 4. 

So here are my daily photos 1 - 5

One other thing I wanted to point out.  My Polaroid frames are 3.5 inches square. For some reason my printer was set to "reduce" 80% when printing. Instead of tossing the photos and the ink being wasted I decided to go with it.   I just used pop dots to elevate the photos above the frames.   I encourage you to do the same with mistakes.  Remember to keep this fun, don't agonize over small things.

Helpful tip:   Many of my photos were taken with my phone.  An easy way to get them from your phone to your printer is to Email them to yourself!

Yes the mess was necessary to document, because the holidays are about ciaos.

Here is a quick video explaining these pages....

Missed the first post about this on going series?  Check it out here...
YouTube Play List with tutorials and project shares can be found here.
Don't forget to share your December Journey with me on Facebook.  Please make sure you tag me in the post.
Thanks for stopping in today.
Tonya Gibbs


  1. Wow very cute pages...I would like to try a DD one year. Not many exciting things happen but I will def give it a shot!

  2. yes wow wonderful pages for your Christmas daily...working on mine...


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