Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Featured Artist Song Li

My name is Song Li and I am 22 years old. My real name is Conghui Li, but because my name is awkward to pronounce, I go by Song Li. I am from China but live in the U.S now. I became a huge craft enthusiast about one and half years ago. You would not believe how I got introduced to crafting. One day my boyfriend wanted to show me the crafty side of this country and took me to Michaels. He told me there are many people doing scrapbooking and it has become a real big thing. Then he walked me to the scrapbooking aisles and showed me all the beautiful papers and embellishments. I bought something because I thought they look good. After I got home and started using what I bought. What I know next is I couldn't quit crafting ever since…
I have not been very active before I graduated from college since I really didn't have the time. After I graduated in May this year, I immediately dived into this loving and fun crafting community. In my search for different Facebook crafting groups, I discovered Artsy Addicts. I have to say people in this group are talented! 
Recently, I started to post my projects in different Facebook groups and on Youtube. I realized how loving and supporting everyone is. I am so thankful for all the supports and encouragements I got from everyone. It keeps me crafting.
            My crafting style is very mixed media. I constantly play with different colors, textures, and techniques. Sometimes I go out of my comfort zone and do something really different as well. I do everything like scrapbooking, altered crafts, art journal, etc. Crafting is my passion and addiction. I just hope I don't need to go to a crafting rehab one day.
            I want to share with you the most recent layout I made. This layout is made using scraps from my stash and tons of colors. Hope you enjoy it. 

Song Li


  1. Beautiful layout - thank you so much for inspiring me. Your art is just gorgeous.

    1. Thank you so much Tonya! I am so glad you like what I do :)))) Hugs


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