Friday, June 21, 2013

Happy Day - Layout

Today I want to feature a layout that I created using the May Artsy Addicts Kit.  The kit included: My Mind's Eye - Find Your Wings and Fly designed by Rhonna Farrer. The kits are a monthly subscription for around $40.  For more information about the kits and subscribe please visit:

Last weekend we attended a birthday party for my Niece Emily who turned one (A layout of Miss Emily is forthcoming - I had to find some supplies first!)  Of course Aunt Tonya took hundreds of photos.  Among some of my favs were these of my Husband, Kenny, being silly with Averie and Addie.  I swear all I hear is "Tickle me Uncle Kenny" when they are around. I wasn't surprised to walk into the living room and see him being attacked by two giggling girls.  They were all so happy I needed the layout to have a fun happy theme, so I chose bright bold colors, but toned them down with a muted blue background.

 **GASP** Is that Glitter I see  on the page?  Yes, Yes it is.  Those of you who have followed me for a while know that I HATE GLITTER WITH A PASSION. However, my goal for this layout was to try some different things.
  1. I wanted to use a glittered title (it was after all a celebration) and silver/gold glittered titles are trendy now.
  2. Use bold colors (again, I tend to migrate to vintage muted colors)
  3. Keep it flat -  I wanted to try my hand at clusters of flat embellishments - (NO FLOWERS allowed!). 
  4. NO sprays/mixed media techniques. (this was really hard for me).
  5. Use multiple photos (I normally only use one)
I know what your thinking -  what alien has taken over her brain?  Sometimes trying things outside your comfort zone will help stimulate your creativity.  I must say as simple as this layout looks IT TOOK ME ALL DAY to complete.  
I am pleased with the result.  I think the colors give a "circus" type feel to the layout and who isn't happy at the circus? I used lots of cuts from my Silhouette Cameo as accents on the right.  I love that pictures really pop off the page against the bright yellow background.  What are your thoughts?
I encourage you to try something different - whether it is a style or a product that you don't normal use.  You may stimulate the creative juices and find a "new" you!  Not that I'm going to totally embrace glitter with every project, but hey, I found a way to keep it from shedding so you may see it more often.
Thanks for stopping in today,
Tonya Gibbs


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