Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Featured Artist - Misty Russell

Hi!  Misty Russell here, and I am just so honored to have this chance to share a little about myself  with you today!  I'm a mom of two totally awesome kiddo's who constantly make me laugh (they take after their dad), and I have one of the best men on earth to call my husband.   Most of the subjects on my pages are my kids or my nieces and nephews.  Really, its a contest of who has the best pics at the time! lol
 I found Artsy Addicts through their facebook page over 6 months ago and have been so inspired by the amazing talent there. 
I started scrapping in September 2010.  What started out as a work project for a convention we were attending, ended up as an obsession that I can't get enough of!   I googled "scrapbook ideas" so that I could get an idea of what to do, and when I started going through online galleries my jaw dropped.  I had no clue that scrapbooking could be such an art form!  It was unlike anything I had ever seen before.  So I was hooked.  I started out just playing around and trying on different styles, but ultimately the grungy, mixed-media pages are what stole my heart. 
I love the freedom that can be had with this style, because you can let go of all your perfectionism and just create...and it can be so therapeutic!  Most of my pages start out on a certain path and almost every time I "ruin" something that I was attempting, but the great thing about mixed media is that you can always turn it around into something kind of cool and/or really beautiful.... 
Some of my favorite projects were created by making some big, ugly mistakes...but thankfully, through the process of creating they turned into something that I hadn't expected, but really loved!
Here are a few of the projects I've created over the past 3 months...
The page that I've created for today is definitely on the dramatic grungy side...

I've used lots of modeling pastes and mists for the background, and I always finish a page with some Scrap Fx chipboard! The picture is of my niece Marisa. Like most of my nieces she is always taking pics of herself, and this time she noticed that there was a little orb of light reflecting back in the camera, so she started playing around and took this creative pic. I love how it looks like she is holding it...
Thank you so much for this opportunity to share with you today!  I hope that I was able to inspire you to let go of perfectionism a little, and just create for the sake of creating! 
Misty Russell
Featured Artist - June 2013


  1. Your layouts are awesome. I love your hand made flowers, and the girly grunge style. I agree some of my best projects were from Ugly mistakes as well. Enjoyed your share, and look forward to getting to know you better. Thanks for inspiring us!

  2. wow your layouts are stinkin fabulous!!!! I agree with Tonya love your flowers and girly grunge is awesome....looking forward to getting to know you more...thanks for sharing your heart!

    hugs, Peggy Lee

  3. Thanks for letting me share...and thanks for the sweet comments! :)

  4. I know Misty for a long time and I see her developing all the time, love her work and she is such a nice person!

  5. MISTY ROCKS! Misty- your work is incredible- especially love that one with the rolled flowers! So beautiful :)

  6. I'm ALWAYS inspired by your art, Misty! All of your projects are just AMAZING!!!!!!!!!

  7. Great work Misty! Thank you for the inspiration!

  8. wow love your style, found y'all via Limor and really hearing about letting go of perfectionism. I am a card maker and don't scrapbook, but learn so much from you scrappy artistic people. I have 3 canvases now and counting, all ready to start sticking and painting and stencilling and have complete terror to start, just keep starting another one... I am really gonna let go of my perfectionism. thanks so much.

  9. Misty you and mixed media go hand in hand! Love seeing your work and loved reading your interview!


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